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Welcome to the Redmill Group. We are a group of companies that support the professional services markets with recruitment, HR and employee wellness solutions.  Our reach is global and we currently work with clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Far East. We are first and foremost a people business focussed on the advancement of your workforce, and we have ambitious plans in the professional services space.


Redmill Group



Redmill Group provides a wide range of people-focused solutions. Our various brands can be traced back to 1996 and we are proud to have supported thousands of people and businesses over the years. 

We have brought our brands together under two business channels. ‘Attract’ is our recruitment solution. ‘Support’ is our HR consultancy and corporate wellness solution.

Learn more about our brands by visiting their individual websites below.

Redmill Wellness - Employee Wellness Solution


Our talent is finding your talent

RMK Talent Solutions
RMK Elevate

RMK Talent Solutions and RMK Elevate are award-winning recruitment businesses.

g closely with clients, we source talent helping you scale through good workforce planning.
We work closely with candidates, offering support and advice to accelerate your career to new heights.   


Taking employee wellbeing to new heights

Redmill Wellness - Employee Wellness Solution

Take the first step to becoming a well-being champion with Redmill Wellness. Our corporate wellness solution allows your employees to tailor their health and well-being to their individual needs via the Redmill Wellness app.

Our digital wellness programmes focus on three core areas exercisewellness and nutrition. Our clients benefit from over 3,000 coaching sessions from personalised workouts and physio exercises, as well as programmes for mindfulness, stress reduction and so much more.

In addition, we offer productivity reporting. We keep you informed of your employee’s well-being by using aggregated data. Their privacy is respected while you make better-informed decisions.

Redmill Wellness - Employee Wellness Solution

HR made simple

HR Sorted!

HR Sorted
HR Sorted - HR Document Downloadable Templates

A solution to support small to medium sized businesses with off-the-shelf legal and compliant HR policies, outsourced HR solutions and a variety of online people reviews and assessments. Regardless of business size, HR Sorted is a one-stop shop for all your HR needs. 

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